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Top Makeup Tips for Beginners

Even if you don’t consider yourself a glamour girl, with a few basic makeup tips you could become more comfortable with what make up can do for your appearance. There’s no need to spend hours each morning once you have mastered a few basic techniques.

The benefits of learning these makeup applying tips include a smoother skin tone, finding a way to hide blemishes, and highlighting your best facial features.

When done right, makeup should be subtle yet manage to shave years off of your age and wake up your face even on the days when you feel the most tired.

How to Apply Makeup on the Face

To get started with your make up routine, you must focus first on your face. Consider this to be your fresh palette to start painting on. This should begin by cleansing your face thoroughly to remove any dirt or oil that could get in the way of your make up. Follow this with moisturizer, and a primer to help smooth your skin tone.

With clean, healthy skin in place, you can use one of your favorite types of foundations, according to make up tips.

These come in liquid, powder, or mineral based forms, depending on your preferences. If you don’t want to put on a thick layer of foundation, you could simply use a tinted moisturizer to even out skin tone and nourish the skin.

Makeup Ideas for Eyes

The eyes are often one of the first things that others notice about you, so they are worth framing with the following makeup tips. If you don’t have naturally long, curly eyelashes, like most women, you can use a curler before putting on any eye makeup.

Apply mascara only after you have already curled the eyelashes, or you might damage or break them.

This can double or even triple the volume and length of your lashes, making your eyes look larger and more feminine. Follow this up with well-blended eye shadows and eyeliner if you want a more dramatic look.

Makeup Advice for Lips

Even if you have thin lips that you don’t feel are your best feature, you could use some make up tips to make them appear fuller.

Lip plumpers are a great product out on the market now. These use natural ingredients like menthol or camphor to moisturize your lips while plumping them up.

Lipstick that flatters your skin tone will also help you achieve a moist, full looking pout.

You can top this all off with lip gloss, although it’s best not to overdo your lip make up or it will rub off on everything around you. For a more precise look, you can use lip liner to keep make up in place.

3 Tips For Increasing Your Affiliate Marketing Income With Ease

Affiliate marketing isn’t easy. With the growing number of affiliates each day eager to claim their share of the affiliate marketing pie, you have to be more clever than ever in order to get sales. So in this article, we’ll take a look at 3 tips to increase your affiliate marketing income and close more visitors – so that you can earn more money. Here’s tip number 1:

TIP #1: Offer an email newsletter

All super affiliates that you hear about in the affiliate marketing circles have an opt-in newsletter that get them the bulk of their income. And it makes sense. You can follow up on a prospect multiple times thereby increasing the chance that they’ll buy your product or service.

Most prospects need to be mailed about 7 times before they purchase a product, so keep this in mind when creating your email newsletter and getting a little impatient about sales. In your email newsletter, you will want to provide great tips on how to do something that your prospects will find useful. All you want to do at this step is build your credibility so that your prospects can view you as an expert in your niche.

Here’s another tip for closing more visitors:

TIP #2: Have your own website

Without your own website, you face a number of problems in affiliate marketing. The first problem is that your affiliate links won’t be masked and more than likely, visitors won’t click on them since they don’t look attractive. Another problem is that article directories and pay-per-click search engines like Google AdWords prohibit the use of linking directly to an affiliate page from your ad or article. Another problem is that without your own website, you can’t pre-sell your prospect efficiently in order to further the chance of closing the sale. You can’t even offer an email newsletter for visitors to opt-in to because you don’t have your own website to host the form on! And plus, you can’t host Google AdSense either!

To be successful in affiliate marketing, you need your own website – regardless of what anyone else tells you. With your own website, you can offer great content that’s designed to close your prospects on a particular product or service. They’ll read your articles, find your recommendations useful, and will click to find out more. This is a great way to earn money using affiliate marketing, and with a lot of your content pages out there, the higher your chances are of closing your prospect on the sale. Here’s tip number 3:

TIP #3: Generate traffic using free methods

It’s getting more and more expensive to advertise online so you need new and creative ways to get traffic to your affiliate presell page without breaking the bank. Free advertising methods online allow you to do that.

One of the best ways to get traffic to your webpages is with article marketing. With article marketing, you simply write articles about a topic in your niche and submit them to the article directories. This is a great way to get free traffic since website owners come and pick your articles up and publish them on their website. Plus, the top article directories receive high search engine rankings, so you get free search engine traffic from your articles too.

But article marketing isn’t the only way to get free traffic to your website, you should implement video marketing also. With video marketing, you provide help information via video that users can see and interact with. You allow you visitors to learn and understand easier what you are saying since they can see what you are talking about. To get traffic back to your presell or content page, simply include your website information at the bottom of the article to get visitors back to your website.

Another great and time-tested way to get traffic to your website is through the use of forum marketing. Forum marketing is great because many forums online have thousands of members – something that you can’t have instant access to with a lot of other marketing methods. When using forum marketing, you will want to only provide helpful tips and advice that their users can benefit from.

Remember, it’s not you who they care about – it’s your advice. So dish out your advice and include your website information in your signature line. If the members find your information worthwhile, they will more than likely visit your website for more helpful advice. And then when they land on your presell, article, or review page, you can mention a few products that they should use – and also include your affiliate link in there.

Is all of this making sense to you? Do you see how easy it is to set all of this up? I hope so.

One last thing I want to mention is that you should purchase the affiliate product that you want to promote first. You want to do this because you want your readers and visitors to truly benefit from a product that they purchased – especially if you recommended it. This way, they can trust your recommendations in the future and you can earn more sales simply because your expert advice is valuable.

Keep these tips in mind when embarking on promoting an affiliate product. Once you implement the techniques in this article, you will be well on your way to seeing more sales and profits from your affiliate marketing efforts. Good luck!