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Online Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

Online marketing strategies for small businesses have never been as important as it is now. Businesses, towns, states and even countries are on the verge of Bankruptcy.

What are you supposed to do?

It seems like the catch phrase has become, “Well, in this economy, we just have to make some cuts.”

Sound familiar?

As a business owner myself, I understand and appreciate the value of making cuts. However, let’s make some of the cuts in the right places and make sure that your efforts (and dollars) are quantifiable and measurable.

So how do you, the small business owner, remain not only in business, but competitive in your Market Place?

This is actually easier than you think. In fact, after learning what you’re about to read, you will not only remain in business, but will in fact be able to catapult yourself to the head of the pack.

So grab a pen and a piece of paper as we cover 3 basics of online marketing strategies for small businesses. As the old saying goes, you can either make dust or eat dust…I’ve done both and I’d like to save you from that dry gritty taste.

· Get Clear: If you’re going to begin to dominate your market, you first must understand WHO your market is.

I know, this almost sounds too simple. However, you’d be surprised how many small businesses WASTE a ton of time, energy and money marketing to the WRONG people.

Without getting too deep into human psychology (which I am not an expert) I think most small business owners get caught in the IMPRESSIONS of an idea rather than its’ effectiveness.

Let me explain…have you ever been approached to be a sponsor of a local Golf Tournament?

Sounds great doesn’t it? A few hundred people will see your logo and promotional material on certain Tee boxes. You’ll get mentioned in the Golf Tournaments advertising and you can put your material in the welcome Gift Bag to all players!

Man, who wouldn’t want to be a part of THAT!?!

You! And any other small business owner who demands to see an effective return on your Marketing/Advertising dollar.

As a small business owner, it is VERY important for you to NOT take the shotgun approach to your Marketing. You know, a big wide spread blast to a huge area.

If you are an Insurance business owner you need to drill down to YOUR specific niche…and no, your specific niche is NOT the entire Insurance market.

Get Clear, Get Specific.

· Information & Education: One piece of Marketing is NOT enough.

Today’s buyer is MUCH savvier than ever before. Part of this is the fact that there is an unlimited amount of information for your customers.

People hate to be sold but they LOVE to buy. So how do you make sure you do as much sales as possible without selling your customer?

That’s actually pretty easy, you inform.

I know you’ve heard the term, “If you sell shovels, teach someone how to dig a hole.” The premise being that when that person decides to buy a shovel, they will buy from you.

A perfect example is of my local Home Depot. I am NOT a handy person. You know who is…

My main man Clark. I had gone in to Home Depot trying to figure out a project I was working on. I had no clue what I was doing. When I ran into Clark, he obviously knew I was out of my league.

Instead of him taking the “sell him everything we’ve got” approach, he showed me step by step how to complete my project and gave me multiple options of getting it done.

I have done two other projects since then and Clark has helped me with both.

Where do you think I go if I’m going to do a Home project? Who do you think I ask for?

The best part for your small business is that you can do this very same thing for your potential customer without ever leaving your office or having to do it face to face.

Trust me, whatever your business/industry is; your potential customer IS looking to get educated. Do yourself a favor and make sure you are the teacher.

· Follow Up: Tell me if you can relate to this…

You have so much going on and you deal with so many customers and clients that you drop the ball on something.

It may be something as simple as a phone call or email, but it may be something as important as a shipment or re-order.

You know these crazy new online marketing strategies for small businesses can ensure you never miss another follow up anything.

Automation and delegation are the two biggest assets to a small business owner.

How much more effective will your business be when you can do ONE piece of marketing, put it in digital format, hit send and have your entire existing customer base be informed.

This is just the tip of the Ice Berg. Not only do you inform your existing customer base, but also your potential customers and completely new prospects also get a taste of your business.

I know you’re just like most small business owners…BUSY.

You don’t have time to sit and write Newsletters and individual emails to your entire Customer list.

You need to be able to inform as many people as possible to make sure your TIME is as effective as possible.

When you have implemented the first two basics, not only is your time effective, but so is your message because it is going to the RIGHT person, saying the RIGHT message.

Implementing the correct online marketing strategies for small businesses can be the difference between success and failure. Start with these basics of Getting Clear, Informing and Follow Up.

Be on the lookout for part 2 of Online Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses, where we are going to cover HOW to Get Clear…HOW to inform and HOW to correctly Follow Up.