Villas Tranquilidad – Cultural Diversity in Playa Del Carmen

Choosing to buy in Villas Tranquilidad is much more than just buying Playa del Carmen Luxury Condo or villa; it’s choosing a luxury lifestyle in a high-end gated community that enjoys the benefits of living near a beachfront that many consider to be the most beautiful in the world. Owners of an exclusive home in the Villas Tranquilidad can take advantage of all the benefits in the “El Cielo” community, which includes high security, excellent road access, low density development and a careful integration of the area’s natural settings into its design, as well as several kilometers of bike trails.

Villas Tranquilidad also benefits from the cultural diversity that other Playa del Carmen Condo owners enjoy. Playa del Carmen is known for its rich international atmosphere. In fact, the south half of downtown Playa del Carmen is known as “Little Italy” because of the large number of hotels and condos developed and owned by Italians. The area also has a large number of Italian restaurants and a distinct European feel to it. Another culture which the beautiful beachfront and excellent real estate of Playa del Carmen has drawn is Argentinian.

Recently, the connection between Playa del Carmen and Argentina’s culture was celebrated through the photo exhibition, “Magic and spirit of the Province of Santa Cruz, Argentina.” The exhibition showcased the artist Marta Fern├índez, at the Hotel Royal Porto Real with 72 photos.

To confirm that Playa del Carmen, the heart of the Riviera Maya, is a cosmopolitan city where the cultural exchange is an every day event through the coexistence of people who have purchased property here from around the world the mayor of Playa noted, “I see an open city that thinks big and is open to cultural exchange, integration and enjoyment of culture from around the world.”

In the exhibition visitors enjoyed the recent history of the community of Santa Cruz, located in Patagonia, with photos of landscapes, colors, textures, people and traditions. Like Mexico, 2010 marks the bicentenary of Argentina, and a calendar of cultural and very extensive joint activities to celebrate this special year for both countries have been planned.

While home owners in Villas Tranquilidad can enjoy cultural activities such as this one on a regular basis celebrating the various groups who have developed Playa del Carmen’s lifestyle, they will also enjoy living in close contact with many Europeans and Argentinians in the neighbouring communities in “El Cielo,” while also having the comfort of many neighbors from the U.S. and Canada. Villas Tranquilidad is international luxury at its best, in Playa del Carmen.