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Great Lakes Cruises – How About a Trip on a Schooner?

Great Lakes Schooner Company is a niche cruise line offering private charters rather than regularly scheduled cruises. Instead of a package of long trips like some of the luxury cruise lines do, the company offers a unique blend of short day and dinner trips around Toronto Harbor and Lake Ontario. What really sets these cruise packages apart from standard luxury cruises are the ships that are used.

The Kajama is a 164-foot, 3 masted Schooner. G.L. Schooner Company claims that the Kajama cruise can only be duplicated in the Caribbean, and that may very well be true. While there is another tall ship cruise located in Traverse City, Michigan, USA, it is reported to lack a fully licensed bar. On that ship you are allowed to bring drinks on board and to pre-order, but a complete bar is unavailable.

Another interesting thing about the Kajama is that a Fireworks Tour is available. You can watch the fireworks in Toronto Harbor from the deck of this beautiful schooner. The experience might be similar to that witnessed by sailors centuries ago during night battles with shore batteries.

The G. L. Schooner Company also operates a steam powered paddle wheeler known as the Trillium, which is large enough to handle up to 500 guests. According to the company, the Trillium is the last steam operated paddle wheeler offering Great Lakes cruises. There is also a 97-foot schooner available for cruising the Lakes, and a 190 passenger conventional cruise ship that boasts an upper-level dance floor with a retractable roof.

Great Lakes Schooner Company typically offers two boarding times, one just after 12pm and an evening run that starts between six and seven. The company claims they are flexible with the times since their Great Lakes cruises are private.

If you are interested in having them host a Lakes cruise or other charter event, whether it is a wedding, company meeting or something else, you will want to contact them early and schedule your time. These are unique ships and you might have to hunt long and hard to duplicate these enjoyable and unique cruises.

Choosing Paris For a Vacation Trip

Paris is the most popular tourist destination in France and one of the most popular destinations in the world. Spending time in Paris is really precious and when people go to Paris for a vacation trip, they cannot even afford to lose a minute. Therefore, before the trip, it is essential to do some advance planning to avoid wasting time.

April is the month of the year when there are a huge number of tourists in Paris. This is when springtime begins in Paris. However, the months of September and October are not appropriate for a visit because during this time thousands of people are attracted to the auto show. August and July are the time when hotels get full with students so that is also not the appropriate time for a visit. Three star hotels are usually less expensive and a great choice for travelers.

There are many tourist destinations and places of interest in Paris which many visitors love to see during their visit. The Eiffel tower is one of the most recognizable and breathtaking monuments of the world. It provides a beautiful view of the whole city and is really admirable at night as it makes the whole sky glow with its festive light.

Another most visited tourist spot in Paris is the Louvre Museum. This is one of the oldest and largest museums in Europe and holds a wide collection of sculpture, paintings, and other decorative objects.

Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most beautiful and notable cathedrals in the whole of Europe. Other places of interest and attraction include Arc de Triomphe and Musee d’Orsay.